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Sterling Hills West Metropolitan District


Sterling Hills West Metropolitan District, was organized pursuant to Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.  The District is located within the City of Aurora Colorado.  In accordance with the District’s Service Plan which was approved by the City of Aurora in 1999, the Districts owns and maintains (i) three public parks within the District’s boundaries, (ii) the grass strips (parkways) on both sides of Sterling Hills Parkway between South Tower Road and East Wesley Drive, (iii) the parkway along the south side of East Wesley Drive from a point near the intersection of East Iliff Avenue to near the intersection with South Fundy Way and (iii) the parkway on the north side of East Villanova Place from Sterling Hills Parkway to south Ensenada Way.  The District also owns and operates a storm-water detention pond located to the south of Sterling Hills Parkway and between East Water Place and South Tower Road. The District has a license but not an obligation to landscape parts of the XCEL property located along South Tower Road and adjacent to the District’s boundaries.  To support its approved activities, the District levies property taxes on the approximately 1,500 residences located within the District’s boundaries.

Legal Notice


Homeowner's Rights Task Force

HOUSE BILL 23-1105
Dear Resident of Sterling Hills West Metropolitan District,
On May 24, 2023, Governor Polis signed House Bill 23-1105 into law, which, among other actions, created the Metropolitan District Homeowner’s Rights Task Force (“Task Force”). The Task Force will review, among other matters, tax levying authority and practices, foreclosure practices, communications with homeowners, and governance policies. All members of the Task Force will be appointed by November 1, 2023. A requirement of the new law is that we notify you of the creation and existence of the Task Force prior to its first meeting. If you have any questions about the Task Force, please reach out to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies or visit their website at




Sterling Hills West Metropolitan District

Regular Meeting

Monday, March 25, 2024 at 6:30 PM

Zoom Online Meeting

By computer or By phone [login details below]


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a REGULAR MEETING of the Board of Directors of the STERLING HILLS WEST METROPOLITAN DISTRICT in Arapahoe County, Colorado has been scheduled for Thursday, March 14, 2024 beginning at the hour of 6:30 PM online via ZOOM:

By computer: 

or By phone:  719 359 4580 / Meeting ID: 884 2651 9837 Passcode: 908830

For the purpose of addressing those matters on the Agenda set forth below and conducting such other business as may properly come before the Board.

Board of Directors:                                       Office                                                         Term/Expiration

Juliet Uhlott                                                  President                                                          May 2027

Mike Lenz                                                     Treasurer                                                           May 2025

Alberteen Ransom                                        Secretary                                                          May 2027

CJ Matthews                                                 Assistant Secretary                                            May 2025

Vacant                                                                                                                                 May 2025


  1. Call to Order/Declaration of Quorum
  2. Consider Approval or Changes to the Agenda
  3. Directors Matters
    1. Conflicts of Interest
  4. Public Comment for Matters Not on Agenda
  5. Consider Approval of the Proposal from Environmental Designs to Re-Vegetate the District’s Detention Pond
  6. Other Business
  7. Adjournment


Join Zoom Meeting: 

By phone at 719 359 4580 / Meeting ID: 8600 8005 124  Passcode:905556



SHWMD 2023 Board Meetings

The Board of Directors will hold regular meetings as follows.  All meetings will start at 6:30 PM on Zoom.

     DIAL IN - All Meetings:   (669) 900-6833

Regular Meetings in 2022 will be held on:

Special Meetings may be scheduled as needed with notices posted on this web site

Meetings are Open to the Public

Notices for all meetings will be posted on this website and with the City of Aurora.

In addition, a few days before each meeting , a meeting notice Sign board will be placed along the north side of Sterling Hills Parkway between South Tower Road and East Water Drive.