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Red Park: E LaSalle Pl & S Ensendada Way, Aurora, Colorado




Sterling Hills Metropolitan District was approved by the City of Aurora in 1999 at the request of a developer, Gateway American Properties, LLC, to fund the construction of essential infrastructure to serve as the foundation for the development of communities within the District's boundaries. The District's Service Plan provides for the construction, operations and maintenance within the District's boundaries of:

  • Roads including curbs, gutters, street side lighting, traffic safety devices and sidewalks.
  • Water and wastewater systems
  • Stormwater drainage systems including drainage ditches, culverts,and tunnels.
  • Parks and landscaping.

The District's Service Plan calls for ownership of most infrastructure, including roads, public sidewalks, traffic safety systems, water mains, sewer lines and the storm water system, once completed, to be conveyed to the City of Aurora.  With the exception of the stormwater detention pond located near to the intersection of Sterling Hills Parkway and South Tower Road as well as three parks and some landscaping along Sterling Hills Parkway, East Wesley Drive and East Villanova Place, all improvements are now owned and maintained by Aurora. 

The Service Plan specifies that the District will own, maintain and operate the parks, recreational improvements, entry monuments and some landscaping along Tower Road, Sterling Hills Parkway and the south side of East Villanova Place.

The District's public improvements were initially funded by general obligation bonds.  The payment of these bond obligations is funded by mill levy property taxes assessed on all property within the District's boundaries   The District has the authority with voter approval to issue additional general obligation bonds but currently has no plans to do so.

District maintenance operations are funded by mil levy property taxes.


The District is managed by a five person Board elected with staggered terms in public elections held every two years.  Board members are public officials and must either reside or own property within the District's boundaries.  Board members are:


Board of Directors Office Term/Expiration
Juliet Uhlott President May 2023
Mike Lenz Treasurer May 2025
Alberteen Ransom Secretary May 2023
CJ Matthews Assistant Secretary May 2025
Christine Hatter Assistant Secretary May 2023


Sterling Hills West Metropolitan District operates the following facilities for public use [maps]:

  • Green Park, located at East LaSalle Place and South Argonne Street
    • Playground
  • Blue Park, located at East Vilanova Place and South Dunkirk Court
    • Playground
    • Pavilion
  • Red Park located at East LaSalle Place and South Espana Court
    • Playground
    • Basketball hoops
    • Pavilion

In addition, the District owns and maintains:

  • Grass strips between the sidewalk & street and from the sidewalk to the fence line on:
    • Sterling Hills Parkway on both sides from South Tower Road and East Wesley Drive.
    • South side of Wesley from near to East Iliff Avenue to just past South Fundy Way
    • North side of Vilanova Place from Sterling Hills Parkway to South Ensenada Way
  • The District based on a 2002 License Agreement from XCEL may also maintain the area under the power lines on the east side of South Tower Road from Sterling Hills Parkway almost to East Iliff Avenue.
  • The District owns and operates the stormwater detention pond located near Sterling Hills Parkway and East Water Drive.


The District has no staff but instead relies on the services of independent contractors including:

Function Person Company
District Manager Ted Laves Colorado District Management & Operations, LLC
District Legal Counsel Jennifer Ivey Icenogle Seaver Pogue, P.C.
District Accounting Deborah Sedgeley CliftonLarsenAllen, LLP
Landscaping & Snow Clearing   Parkside Landscaping
Stormwater Engineering   Wright Water Engineers, Inc.
Playground Safety   Playground Safety Consultants